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Red Mulga Project

Terrain Minerals Limited (ASX: TMX) Red Mulga (100% owned) project occurs within the Yilgarn Craton and lies within the boundaries of Yallalong station some ~170km NNE of Geraldton in the Murchison region of Western Australia. Exploration leases E09/2246 & 2247 (total of 47 block or 143squ Km) have recently been granted and other lease applications are currently pending.

The tenements are situated proximal to the edge of the Yilgarn Craton and the Darling Fault and are over a complex geological feature situated within a magnetic high. Little to no sampling has previously been carried out and none of these targets have previously been drilled.

Several field trips have been undertaken in October and December 2017. Field work concentrated on mapping, rock chip and soil sampling and confirmed that the model of mineralisation postulated to occur following analysis of the initial field evaluation is valid. Three key areas have been highlighted for further exploration.

Terrain’s geological team invoked a geological model based on observed features in the historic gravity data over the project area. Subsequent field mapping and sampling observations continue to accommodate the geological hypothesis. Geochemical analysis has resulted in the identification of five distinct anomalous targets that are untested. These targets are all situated within highly weathered material and drilling will seek to intersect the target zones below the weathered soil profile. 

Identified Drill Targets:

  1. MG1 & MG2 Ultramafic Anomalies - Two pipe-like ultramafic intrusions about 200 metres in diameter located in the southwest of the project. The intrusions contain what are considered to be anomalous cobalt, nickel and chrome geochemical results. Highly weathered remnants of the original ultramafic rocks outcrop near the centre of one of the intrusions. These rocks have an intense boxwork texture, possibly after sulphides or a micro-breccia. Geochemistry (all ppm) up to 76.9 cobalt, 1,470 nickel, & 3,340 chrome.
  2. Thumbo Epithermal Vein - An east-west trending epithermal vein of 0.5 to 2m width which extends for over 2km through the central part of the project. A 300m section of this vein has been shown to contain up to: ppb 105 gold, ppm 0.94g/t silver, 812 copper and 636 lead with anomalous Lithium up to 67 in the same geochemistry (All ppm).
  3. Northeast Epithermal Veins - Two northeast trending epithermal vein’s swarm in the northeast of the project area have been identified. Some of the larger veins contain anomalous antimony up to 228ppm with minor silver over 0.5g/t and modest levels of 116 lithium.

Red Mulga Field Map & Key Areas
Figure 1: Red Mulga Field Map & Key Areas

Combined Magnetics & Gravity High Feature Relative to Red Mulga Tenements
Figure 2: Combined Magnetics & Gravity High Feature Relative to Red Mulga Tenements