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Gimlet Project

The Gimlet Project located 20 kms east of Salmon Gums and is located in the Fraser Range nickel province in the south eastern extent of Western Australia.

The Project area covers a total land area of 469km2 directly adjacent to an ASX listed company which has reported both primary and secondary nickel and copper. Terrain is reviewing extensive historical exploration activities to devise a systematic exploration program.

Gimlet Project

Figure 1: Regional Gravity and Gimlet Project Location 

A review of the available historical reports has determined that the major international mining houses of BHP, AngloGold and Teck Cominco have previously explored across the Gimlet Project area. These predecessors targeted Broken Hill Type base metals and structurally controlled gold mineralisation. Exploration conducted by BHP confirms Proterozoic lithologies underlie Gimlet Project.

The exploration conducted to date has not tested the potential of hosting magmatic nickel sulphides.

Regional Gravity and Gimlet Project Location

Figure 2: Regional Geology and Gimlet Project Location

Gimlet Project Targets and Regional Magnetics

Figure 3: Targets and Regional Magnetics

The review of available geophysical and structural data (Refer to Figure 3) has resulted in the identification of fifteen discreet exploration targets of which six have been deemed to be of high priority and worthy of further investigation.

The targets were derived from review of transient electromagnetic (TEM) and aeromagnetic data combined with a new structural interpretation of the tenement. Review of aeromagnetic data in light of the structural interpretation resulted in the identification of an additional nine targets of second and third order priority. Terrain’s predecessors had evaluated the available geophysical coverages separately and for predominantly uranium and gold potential.

It is through the evaluation of the multiple surveys and the differing targeting model that Terrain was able to identify these targets warranting further investigation.

The review of historical auger and soil geochemistry are now underway.

Description of High Priority Targets (Figure 3):

The six targets have been assigned an exploration priority based upon an empirical estimate of the depth of burial of the EM conductor and a subjective assessment of its structural setting.

• HEM1 is a series of up to 3 EM conductor anomalies which appear to coalesce at depth. The conductors sit on the northern side of a large scale NW-SE trending fault structure which transects the project area and intersects the Jerdacuttup fault at a high angle some 6 km north of the lease boundary.
• HEM2 is an EM conductor anomaly located at the centre of a large ring structure. The conductor anomaly sits at the intersection of a NNE-SSW trending fault with a NW-SE trending fault which marks the southern boundary of an interpreted NW-SE trending zone of extensional sheer. The northern boundary of the interpreted zone of sheer is marked by a NW-SE trending fault upon which the HEM1 EM anomalies appear to juxtapose.
• HEM3 is an EM conductor anomaly on the eastern side of the HEM1 series conductors and sits on the eastern side of an intersection between a curvilinear fault that swings from SSW- NNE trending to NNW-SSE as it transects the large ring structure hosting the HEM2 conductor at its centre.
• HEM4 is a shallow EM conductor anomaly on the north-western side and adjacent to the margin of the ring structure hosting HEM2. The anomaly sits on the northern side of the more southerly NW-SE fault and is adjacent to the interpreted NW-SE zone of extensional shear on its western side.
• HEM5 is a shallow EM conductor anomaly situated on the western side of the project area and situated between converging N-S and NW –SE trending faults.
• HEM6 is a an EM conductor in the south of the project area it is located adjacent to a NNW-SSE trending fault
review of the historical auger and soil geochemistry is now underway.